Summer Days with My Children

We have one more week of “vacation” before my kids start virtual learning and I was lucky enough to take a few days to be all in on the fun.  This past week the kids and I spent a gorgeous morning in Cape May NJ.  They humored me with a photo session of our own followed by breakfast at the Mad Batter.  One of the highlights was being able to lean on my 9 yr old’s photography shills to capture a few precious images of Sara and I in our Mother Daughter pink dresses.  I have to confess I had 4 dresses with me for Sara and we managed to fit in 3… insert eye roll I would typically have for others that tried to do the same lol!  When I have a client session I never suggest this because even without the outfit changes we lose interest from toddlers quickly.  Good thing big bros brought the fun and the silliness that kept things moving along!  I know some of you are already in the thick of it with some schools starting this week but for others like me enjoy these last of the summer days!!!  Treasure these moments!

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