Taking Frame-worthy Photos of Your Own Children

fall-14Are you up for the CHALLENGE? Here are some simple pointers for Moms and Dads looking to capture their toddlers through photography this season. Fall is in full display and we may only have one more weekend in the mix before all the leaves are bagged up on the curb. Squeeze in some fun this week and grab your cameras if you haven’t already!

  1. Get down to their level – I’m talking physically… sit on the ground observe the fun and snap away.  You will get the best shots of them when you are at eye level.
  2. Do not use the phrase “Say Cheese” – Ask them questions, get them to say hi to the birds, ask them to build the biggest pile of leaves they can and just capture the fun from there.
  3. Make smiling into a game – Peekaboo is my favorite and big leaves serve as great props.  If they aren’t showing smiles make that a game as well.  Embrace Silly! Tell them you think they lost their smile and show them that you found it in your pocket.
  4. Do not feel limited by your equipment – If you don’t have a professional camera it may be tricky to get the look you are hoping for when it comes to throwing leaves. Its the before and after that can really be great moments.  Have them grab a big handful and count down 3,2,1 GO!!!  The anticipation before and the giggling after can be the best natural smiles you get all day!
  5. Location and time of day is key!  You certainly want to pick a time that agrees with their routine however during full sun you are really limited.  Photos in late Autumn will be best early in the day (8:30 until about 10am) or later in the afternoon (2pm until about 3:30 pm).  Choose a location they love or have yet to explore!  I took some of these shots at a local playground and then at a park we explored for the first time with a duck pond (ok no ducks but geese which fit the bill for my kiddos)  as a fun distraction!

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