DIY Wall Display

I am always looking for inspiration … this time around I hope to help others get inspired with Wall Design.  As always I offer these services however if you are up for a DIY project here are some tips I stand behind!

  1. Choose frames that go with the design of your room however when it comes to photo selection do not worry so much about those colors blending with the decor.  As you can see by my examples the frame fitting in is the key and the rest works accordingly.
  2. When selecting images include photos with EMOTION!! Sure the ones of the kids or you and your husband smiling at the camera are nice but add in some candids that take you back to an unforgettable experience.  For me the one of Tyler letting out a ROAR at the Zoo and my Husband and Son Fishing on the back bay in OC are amongst my favorite.
  3. If you decide to go the canvas route include a frame in the collage as well so you can swap out that photo as your family grows and be content with the other images for a few years at least.
  4. Have Fun!  I know it takes time to measure and fit all the photos into the appropriate display but if you break the project up into a few different days and include the family in selecting images etc.  you will have a blast!
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