Event Photography – Religious Celebrations

kellenI always recommend Newborn Photography as the best option for capturing a growing family.  Its great to take photos of a brand new little girl or boy in their home with their family!  That being said as an alternative or in addition to that session hiring a professional to capture the first big event in a Child’s life has many advantages.

My client is a mother of two precious boys and she thought it would be fantastic to have photos done on a very important day when the whole family would be available to join in and everyone was looking and feeling their best.  We were able to get a wonderful shot of the man of the hour at the Family’s Home before the ceremony ensued.  I knew it was important to arrive early for this type of shot when their Son was alert and bright eyed being that the ceremony at the church is usually a bit overwhelming for little ones.  Then we were on to photos with The Parents and Proud Big Brother, The Godparents, Grandparents, Candids and even saved some time for Family Shots of the extended relatives that joined in for the celebration.

I can speak from experience if you do not hire a professional you walk away from an event like this with one or two decent photos missing some very special people who came out to celebrate.  Memories like this really do live on when you can look over an album with your children for years to come.

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