“Spring Cleaning” inspires “Spring Decorating”


blogYes “Spring” is a bit of a stretch for those of us in the Northeast this year however the snow is starting to melt and Easter is less than a month away.  It is a great time to get to those projects that help shift gears into a new fresh season.

I’ve posted about Wall Design before and am sharing again because I find it oh so uplifting to select the perfect images for your home from our session.  Below are the steps I take to transform a room for a client.  It starts with a conversation with just the two of us and ends with a much bigger conversation where the spotlight is on your wall design as it becomes the talk of their neighborhood.

1.  The First Consult :  Ideally this should take place prior to your family session.  This will help set the stage for your photo shoot and will allow me to begin creative planning early on in the process.  We’ll discuss your vision along with your budget at this stage as well.

2.  Selection:  This occurs after your receive your images.  We talk through must have photos along with a varied group of shots that will complete the look with the final cut in my hands at the design phase.  You are not limited… images you own from prior sessions that have not made it off of your computer can be included as well if that fits your plan.

3.  Design:  From there I get to work!! Sharpened Pencil, Measurements, Graph Paper,  Online Templates for Photo Layouts on Canvas, Photo Editing Tools = Design Phase.

4.  Delivery and Installation:  I will receive delivery of all the products from professional 3rd Party Vendors and will set up an installation date with you.  Not everyone has all the tools on hand to properly hang the finished arrangement.  Level, Hammer, Nails,  3M adhesive and a Tape Measure, I’ll have you covered.

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