Wall Design Services


All to often we let beautiful images remain on our computers.  Sure we share them with friends via social media and we do set the background on our office computer to one of our favorite shots of the moment.  That being said we never really get around to warming up our home with photographs as our family grows.  I know finding the time to select the right images for framing or creating canvas’ is one of the obstacles.  Having an eye for what size images to choose in your space also holds us up in placing the order.

I want to assist in the process by taking your session from disc to design and then direct to your wall.  Please reach out to me to add this to an upcoming session and we can talk through where you would like to display the photos and what your current decor is all about so we can tailor the session.  I am also happy to revisit your last session images for the design phase.  If you have photos from other photographers you would like to add to the design as long as you own the rights I am happy to assist.

One thing we did was incorporate the furniture in the idea.  Wes is on the nautical chair for his photo.  The other shots were done on their dock.  Its details like that which add to the interior design of the room.  I think you can see in the image of my mom below how thrilled she was for me to add to the warm feeling in her space.


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