Thank You…..Thank You Very Much

I’ve been in countdown mode over posting about this amazing new tip from one of my regular clients.  Well new to me at least.  She hosted a Birthday Party for her son this past weekend where she of course wanted her guests to get the first look at the amazing design we put together with some shots from our session about a few weeks back.

When we scheduled her Son’s First Birthday Session the brainstorming began to come up with some creative ideas to capture this milestone.  As always we worked together and she made sure to let me know that in addition to my photography services she was looking to add on a Custom Thank You Note Design that would be ready to present to her guests the day of his celebration.  I was thrilled to work on the product design and then I thought… day of his celebration????.. now thats unusual.  Unusual that is and also genius!!!!  We talked a bit more and I found out that for his Baptism she did the same thing and was able to incorporate them into the decor using the notes as place cards for the guest tables on the day of.   You can thank the guests immediately for coming out to remember your little one and also for any gift they were generous enough to bring!  Also if you have a large group of family and friends think of the savings with postage!

As a mom myself I know how hard it is to get those cards out in a timely fashion after the party has come and gone.   I took her idea and ran with it .. not just for her special design but also for my Son’s First Birthday Party that was a few weeks away.  I’m embarrassed to say I still hadn’t gotten out the thank you notes from my toddler’s 3rd birthday party that was thrown in early April and here we were at the end of May.  I was able to put together a joint thank you note from my boys that really wowed our friends and family when I presented them at the celebration.  This will definitely be a tradition I jump on board with and I hope others find it helpful as well.   I hope you enjoy the below designs!

We put together a traditional card as well as a more classic 1st year printable that could be framed by the Birthday Boys Parents and Grandparents.  Both were ordered through my vendor in sets of 25 on 5×7 premium card-stock.  Talk to me about adding a product design to your next session.  There are plenty of options in addition to Thank You’s.  For Summer Beach Sessions for example I’m thinking  Vintage Inspired Postcards.  I followed up with my client and not only was the party a success but the Thank You’s left guests raving as well!

Custom Thank You 1st Birthday

finalnicknonthankyou.jpgCustom 1st Birthday Thank You Note

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