Spring Has Sprung

It’s been a very busy Spring and things haven’t let up yet.  It was great celebrating Tyler’s 3rd birthday party with the PAR TEE theme in April.  Following the big celebration we had Easter with the family along with the Annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House in DC.

For those with small children that haven’t experienced this event it is a must.  It was my second time and it was even more fun than I remember.  I think Tyler’s age this time around was perfect to participate in many things we did not consider when he was One.   We participated in yoga, soccer, football, along with crafts and hula hooping.  We were also able to see a show with some of the Sesame Street Gang.  Cookie Monster was a favorite with my guys.  The whole thing was centered around healthy eating and living this year so we did stop for a snack of fruits and carrots and we were able to catch some of a kid friendly cooking demonstration.

This year it was Mommy, Grandma, Wesley and Tyler where last time it was just my husband and I with out little man.  You need to sign up for the lottery to have a chance in landing tickets however in our case we are lucky enough to have a friend on the inside that puts aside a few for our family.   For this I am completely grateful because the memories and of course the pictures will last a lifetime.  Check out all the fun we had and make sure to keep your eye open for the lottery in March for a chance to go next year!!!  You will not regret it.

View the recap of the most recent Easter Egg Roll in 2015 here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ik4ZUCWZJc8 

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