Morris Arboretum of UPENN: A Photo Shoot Swap

As a follow up to the post I did about “Styling my Family” for a Photo Shoot Swap with my very talented friend Sandra Hilsenrath I thought I would do some sharing of results.  We had a fantastic day at Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill PA.  I definitely recommend the location for any photog friends in the area looking to capture families or even engagement sessions.  The client needs to be a member to get in free of charge however if they are not it is definitely affordable and worth the extra expense.

The key is knowing where to go in the Arboretum for some of the seasonal flowers in bloom and the proper shading if it is a very sunny day.  I know currently the Cherry Blossoms are in Bloom.  We were limited because it was early April however there was still enough in the way of stone benches, fountains, gazebos and walkways to suit our needs.  I am anxious however to head back in a few weeks to see more of the flowers in bloom.  Since Sandy was not from the area she did us the favor of traveling out our way and arriving on the early side.  This gave her time to scout out the grounds and set the plan for the day.  She warmed up to my family immediately and although we both had a vision of certain Pinterest inspired shots when they didn’t work she guided us seamlessly into the next option.  I am anxious to do the same for her family in early May!  Here are some of the beautiful images she sent me already.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If I were to return to this location to for a session with my family or with clients I would lean towards a time a bit later in the afternoon.  I was under the assumption things closed at 4pm when actually on weekends they are open until 5pm.  I suggest starting a shoot here around 4 and going from there.  It didnt seem as though they would throw visitors out right at 5 either.  I know Sandy was a bit limited with where she could position us because of the sun that day.  I also loved the area where she shot the picture of My Husband and Toddler and there was sufficient shading there.  Unfortunately for us we lost the Baby at that point being we discovered it as we were wrapping things up.  It is on the top of the hill near the parking area and overlooking the rose garden.  I would start there and walk down into the garden area after.  Here are some images I snapped as well because lets face it I couldn’t resist capturing the photographer in action and grabbing a few more in our stylin outfits.

I hope you all enjoy these pictures and for those thinking of using this location I hope my suggestions are helpful.  Please visit Sandy’s Website to see more of her amazing work.

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